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hand holding tablet with marinegage
Revolutionizing Fieldwork
for Port Facilities worldwide
access all your operational data
while from anywhere on the premises
hand holding tablet with marinegage
Replicate any Fieldwork Workflow
with our drag & drop FieldApp builder
access geo-referenced documents and technical drawings in real-time across your port
hand holding tablet with marinegage
Shipyards love our CAD integration
and inspection document flow
keeps track of all your project documents

We digitalize your fieldwork !

MarineGage provides your field teams with on site communication and data access, reducing costs, time, and optimizing your operations. By empowering your field operators to provide feedback associated with location data during fieldwork, relating it to CAD and GIS data we help you become Location Intelligent.

Port Operations

Ship Yards

Vessel Maintenance & Inspections

Port Utilities Inspections

Why choose MarineGage?

MarineGage is built from the ground up to make full use of new technologies including GIS, Layered Data, Drone Maps and IoT Sensors. Don’t get stuck with legacy software or “add-ons” from complex ERP systems. MarineGage is easy to use and implement.

A "WhatsApp-like" collaboration platform.

Compatible with Drone and Aerial Maps

Powerful CAD, GIS and IoT tools

Prepare your business for Machine Learning

A SaaS solution that plays well with your software

The MarineGage platform is a simple tool to collect, dissiminate and share your fieldwork and inspection data.

Seamlessly push your GIS, CAD and IoT data to mobile devices in the field.
Inspection and Fieldwork data is synchronized in near-realtime across all devices.

The MarineGage platform, serving your field operations & inspections

Our platform will increase your productivity thanks to adoption by your field operators. We have developed a easy-to-use ergonomy that provides easy access and interaction to your field operators.

Connects to existing Soft-ware like ArcGIS, AutoCAD

A data-rich history, enables the application of machine learning in the future

Simple & tactile UI to facilitate your fieldwork

A simple measurement and annotation tool available on your mobile & web

Quickly generate & edit reports while in the Field

A collaborative platform to share your fieldwork data securely

A whole new way of managing field observations,

inspections and general fieldwork operations


Our Form Builder allows you to build, distribute and manage self-contained, lightweight CAD and GIS file visualizations across standard mobile devices. All without the need for specialized hardware, software or training.

Replace all your paper forms with our mobile app and add powerful location tools to collect and leverage geospatial data. Visualize the data in interactive tables and maps. Your field and inspection observations are now linked to specific locations on a map and/or technical drawing.

You can add a number of data fields and actions to your inspection workflow including:  Photos, Videos, Audio Comments, Check Lists (Punch Lists), Barcodes, Multi-selections, Comments with Timestamp, Link to External Documents & Manuals, link different Records with each other, generate and email reports from your devices, custom Map and CAD Layers, multi-dimensional Statuses, etc… and much more!


MarineGage comes with powerful prioritization, status and scheduling options to organize your workflows and program tasks for your operators. It is easily customizable to your use cases and workflows.
Collect records in the field, schedule work plans, dispatch team members to a specific case or location and receive near-instant feedback through our mobile solution. This ensures that you can close the loop on cases and issues and manage teams and assets with the right set of data and confidence.


Develop a Location Intelligence expertise within your organization

MarineGage seamlessly works with your current Drone, Aerial, GIS and CAD data an ensure
all aspects of your fieldwork are properly tracked and documented.

A proven platform built by a team with 25 years of collaborative expertise in drone and GIS projects.

25 yrs

collaborative experience
in drone & GIS projects 


customized projects
deployed over
the years


on which our solution has been deployed


Key Accounts customers
trust us


on the issues pertaining to specific activity


and implementation of specific processes and applications


technologies in the ecosystem and investment choices


operational deployment and training of internal teams

What People Are Saying

MarineGage has helped us improve inspection workflows across remote oil & gas facilities in Western Australia. We can now complete our work in the field and generate complex reports that include all visual assets, complex multi-select options and attach CAD drawings and satellite maps with comments and hand-drawn markers right there…on site! Backoffice work has been reduced by 80% empowering field teams like never before. M. Petkovic

Statistical Inspections Australia Ltd.

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MarineGage joins PortXL in Rotterdam!

We are very proud to announce that we successfully got through the Selection Days at PortXL and that we’re now part of the Accelerator and ScaleUp Program. From September 2017 to January 2018, the acceleration program scouted one-thousand start-ups and scale-ups...

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